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Stone Hill Blueberry Farm is now Closed.

Stone Hill Blueberry Farm - Blueberry Tips

Read about tips concerning nutritional information, picking, freezing and using your blueberries below!

Blueberry Tips - Nutritional Information

  • Blueberries are a good source of Vitamin C, fiber, manganese and antioxidants
  • Blueberries are low in sodium and fat
  • One cup of blueberries has about 80 calories

Blueberry Tips - Picking and Storing

  • Pick blueberries in early am for best flavor
  • Blueberries stop ripening when picked if the are white, green, red or reddish-purple. Blue and purplish-blue berries MAY ripen after pick if kept at room temperature in a paper bag. It's best to pick the bluest ones that have a gray-blue look to them and are easy to pick from the bush
  • Blueberries will keep in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks. Placing a paper towel in container with blueberries when refrigerating absorbs excess water that may cause them to start to go bad

Blueberry Tips - Freezing

  • Washing blueberries prior to freezing removes a natural protective coat that helps them keep better and longer
  • Blueberries should be dry prior to freezing
  • The best way to freeze blueberries is in a single layer (not touching) on a cookie sheet. After about 2 hours, no longer than 24 hours transfer them in a vacuum sealed freezer bag. Air can be removed with a straw, if needed. Repeat process until all are frozen and bagged
    • Line your cookie sheet with plastic wrap or parchment paper to avoid blueberries from sticking
    • When freezing, you can place spacers/kitchen utensils on sheets to stack more than one
  • Blueberries can be kept in the freezer for 6 months to a year
  • Thaw blueberries slowly by placing them in the fridge. Only thaw them in the microwave if using them for baking

Blueberry Tips - Uses

Add blueberries to:

  • cereal
  • yogurt
  • smoothies
  • oatmeal
  • pancake batter

See blueberry recipes for more ideas.

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Stone Hill Blueberry Farm
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