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The Possible Health Benefits of Blueberries

The possible health benefits of blueberries are many. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and are believed to be beneficial in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and Urinary Tract Infections. They are also believed to improve short-term memory, eye sight, and ease eye fatigue.

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Important: Be aware that many of the health benefit claims listed on this page are the result of research on rats or other test animals, and may not have been proven in tests with humans. A diet that is rich in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is recommended, and no one fruit or vegatable is a "magic bullet". Blueberries are one of many fruits that may be good for you. This page does not provide medical advice, it provides you with recent information about the health benefits of blueberries. Eating blueberries is one option of many that may lead to improved health. If you are concerned about your health please consult your physician to receive the best advice for you.

Possible Prevention of Cancer

One of the many health benefits of blueberries is the possible prevention of cancer. Blueberries contain Anthocyanin, which is a pigment that gives the blueberry its color. Anthocyanin is believed to help neutralize the damaging effects of Free Radicals. Free Radicals are harmful by products of metabolism, and can also be caused by cigarette smoke, smog, pesticides and drugs, that can lead to cancer and other age related diseases.

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Possible Prevention of Heart Disease

Another benefit of blueberries is the possible impact they have on cholesteral. Pterostilbene, a compound found in blueberries, has shown a potential for being developed into a nutraceutical to be used to lower cholesterol and battle obesity and Heart Disease. This compound is also believed to help fight cancer.

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Possible Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections

Another of the benefits of blueberries on health is its possible role in the prevention of Urinary Tract Infections. The blueberry contains proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are a compound that may prevent E. Coli, which is one cause of Urinary Tract Infections, from attaching to the walls of your urinary tract, thus showing the potential to prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

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Possible Benefits of Blueberries on Eyesight

Anthocyanin, the same compound that is believed to help prevent cancer, is believed to improve eyesight. It is also believed to help ease eye fatigue.

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Possible Improvement of Short-Term Memory

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of blueberries is its possible improvement of Short-Term Memory. In a study on Alzheimers Disease carried out on rats, researchers found that a diet that is supplemented with blueberries reversed some declines normally found in brain aging. Specifically it was found that blueberry supplementation may improve the chemical pathways involved in converting short-term memory to long-term memory.

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