Pick Your Own Blueberries at Stone Hill Blueberry Farm!

Organically Grown Blueberries!

Organic is better! Come to Stone Hill Blueberry Farm and pick some delicious Blueberries on south sloping farm with 2000+ blueberry bushes! Early, mid-season, and late varieties of blueberries available. The bushes are fertilized with soybean meal, mulched with sawdust and rows are mowed weekly. The Picking season runs from mid-July to at least the end of August, and sometimes into early September each year.

Picking at Stone Hill Blueberry Farm

Here at Stone Hill Blueberry Farm, we provide quart measured buckets for you to pick in. However, we suggest that you bring your own containers to take them home in. Our 2021 price per qt. is $3.50. Payment of cash or credit card (min 20$ or above) can be made after blueberries are picked and weighed.

Don’t forget to pack the following items for your visit:

  • Plenty of water or something to drink to keep you hydrated
  • Sunblock to protect yourself from the suns UV rays
  • Bug spray for those buggy days
  • Hat to keep sun out of your face or to keep the bugs away
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Belt or rope for hanging bucking at picking level so you can use both hands
  • Containers to take your yummy blueberries home in

Bring the family!

Bring the family along to enjoy a blueberry outing at the farm. Please feel welcome to pack a picnic for your family for before or after you pick. Children are always welcome!

The Blueberry Farm

Stone Hill Blueberry Farm, has been operated in Chenango County New York for over 31 years. We have been producing delicious organically grown blueberries for the local area for all these years and have many satisfied customers who return yearly, sometimes driving 60 miles or more to get their berries. People vacationing from as far away as Maine and Florida have visited, and have taken blueberries home with them.

So why do customers return to the Blueberry Farm? Here are some reasons:

  • Delicious Blueberries
  • Friendly family oriented environment
  • Beautiful view
  • Children welcome
  • Great prices
  • No chemicals or pesticides used
  • In business since 1968

Come visit soon!!

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